Banned by the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Warden Carolyn A. Sabol says the Kevin Laro Newsletter Sucks

  Starting with the April 8, 2005 issue of the Kevin Laro Newsletter the Carolyn A. Sabol the warden at the Tucson Federal prison started returning all the mail we sent to her prison. I don’t think the federal rules will allow her to say “the people that publish the Kevin Laro Newsletter are creeps” and ban our newsletter that way. Instead there is a federal rule that allows prison wardens to ban mail from inmates in other prisons. Warden Carolyn A. Sabol, seems to have declared that the PO Box which the Kevin Laro Newsletter uses as a return address is a “prison”. And that any mail sent from that PO Box is from a prisoner and is thus not allowed to come to her prison. And thus using that as a way to censor or ban the Kevin Laro Newsletter from her prison.

It seems like the Federal Bureau of Prisons is afraid of the truth. The only thing the Kevin Laro Newsletter does is collect a bunch of news articles that are mostly from main stream media such as the Arizona Republic, the New York Times, the Arizona Tribune and a few other media sources and print them up and mail them to prison inmates.

Yes many of the articles are about bad cops that rain rape, murder, and mayhem on civilians. Corrupt government officials who steal and rob from the citizens they are supposed to serve. Government idiots and fools who always cause more harm then good with stupid and failed government policies. And sometimes we throw a few articles with stupid or criminal things government idiots or religious worshipers do for their gods.

And it seems that Carolyn A. Sabol the warden of the Federal Prison in Tucson is afraid of this news and wants to ban the news letter from her prison. Come on Carolyn Sabol you government rulers are the ones who say you’re smarter and better then the rest of us. If people in government are so much better then the rest of us why do you want to censor the inmates in your prison and not allow them to see the mistakes and crimes that government rulers make.

Warden Carolyn A. Sabol probably doesn’t know that the folks who publish the Kevin Laro Newsletter also like to file lawsuits in Federal Courts suing police officers for civil rights violations. She will probably be a little bit suprized when instead of stopping the Kevin Laro Newsletter from being delivered to inmates in her prison she gets hit with a lawsuit filed in the Phoenix Federal Court accusing her of violating the First Amendment rights of the publishers of the Kevin Laro Newsletter per U.S.C 42 § 1983. Yep warden Carolyn Sabol your little government ass is soon to be in a lawsuit.

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