Dear Postal Customer:

This is in response to your letter regarding rules and requirements on addressing letters to prisoners. According to the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM), mail addressed to an inmate or patient at an institution is delivered to the institutional authorities. If the addressee is no longer at the address, the mail must be redirected to the current address, if known; or endorsed appropriately and returned by the institution ot the Post Office.

Authorized personnel of prisons, jails, or other correctional institutions, under rules and regulations promulgated by the institution, may open, examine, and censor mail sent from or addressed to an inmate of the institution An inmate may designate in writing an agent outside the institution to receive his or her mail, either through an authorized address of the agentm if the mail is so addressed, or at the delivery Post Office serving the institution, if the mail is addressed to the inmate at the institution.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to provide you with this information.


Ronda Carrington, Manager
Consumer ffairs & Claims

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Letter from the U.S. Post Office on DMM rules for mailing to prison inmates

  These are the rules from the warden at the Bureau Of Prisons where Laro is being jailed as a political prisoner. For more info see the web site of the thugs at the united states bureau of prisons at