Using Word to create the Kevin Laro News Letter

to split word into newspaper columns 

1) go to the second tool bar (if no second tool bar see the bottom)

2) click on columns which looks like (if you dont see it see the bottom)

     -- --
     -- --
     -- --
     -- --
     -- --

3) click on the column which has the number of columns you want. 
   ie 1, 2, 3, 4

4) past your text in and print

if you dont have a 2nd tool bar click on Tools Customize then click on the option that says "show standard and formatting toolbars in two rows" and then the 2nd tool bar will be displayed
if you dont see the columns tool then look at the end of each column for an arrow button to show extended buttons
to just add page numbers go Insert Page Numbers
to insert header and footers and page numbers go View Header & Footer

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